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United States
I am 18
I have a cat that farts
I draw cool stuff
I recently found out I really love indie folk music...weird
I really hate jerk faces
But I absolutely love you nice creatures
Some of my favorite things include: Food, ponies, music, hanging out with my friends, and art and literature. Also nature is a big deal to me man. Save the trees.

My OCs include Crooked the california leaf nosed bat, Marshall the gryphon, Duskstorm and Skullshine my ponies, and a lot more dudes. They are all pretty weird.

Thanks for visiting special flower.


I got tagged by :Raitasuki: !  Nice questions ;D

1. Favourite Animal?

 Either owls, wolves, lions, or bats. I love them all!!!

2. What is your hobby/hobbies if any?
Being an A plus couch potato

3. What colour are your eyes?
They are hazel, and shift color with lighting

4. Do you have any pets?
Yes I have a cat named Meeper and a dog named Paisley and another cat named Bonzai but the only one whos actually mine is the Meeper

5. What do you like to draw the most?
Kind of emotional/ abstract stuff but anything that I really like, and my furry people are fun too.

6. Do you like doing quizzes?
Yes especially the badly written facebook ones

7. What sexuality are you? o3o
Im extremely HOMOSEXUAL *rainbows shoot everywhere*

8. Would you like to be friends with me if not already?
Sure man, I like being friends with everyone :D

9. Do you like shipping?
Yes mwahahahha

10. If you said yes to above, which is your fav ship?
Rainbowjack / Appledash 

I tag these people: 


and any other peeps who feel interested in doing it XD 
Here are your questions:

1. Have you ever farted in public, loudly?

2. Would you punch someone if they stole your food?

3. What are your thoughts on bad grammar?

4. What grinds your gears?

5. Fave food to eat on friday?

6. Coolest christmas gift?

7. Massage or foot rub?

8. Stinky cheese or stinky B.O?

9. Do you draw for fun or for MONEYZ?

10. Favorite chip flavor?
  • Mood: Angsty
  • Listening to: John Mayer
  • Reading: the screen
  • Watching: the blinky cursor thing
  • Playing: CALL OF POOTER 2 modern gas fight
  • Eating: french fries
  • Drinking: tea <3
new snacks revised wip by StrangeCanine
new snacks revised wip
After remembering that I made this comic a while bac (its somewhere in my gallery, titled 'new snacks') i decided to redraw it, since i havent drawn any irkens in a million years. 
i get it if theres a character thats a mary sue. i even get helpful critiques. in fact, those are welcomed! But flat out insulting someones art, calling them names, and making them feel shitty is NOT cool no matter how much of a marysue it is. its just a character! it was frustrating because at the time i was young and stupid and didnt even know what a mary sue was and i just wanted to make this stupid character named acyd do stupid things. and ze was a mary sue. a major one. but alas i have grown old and weary of such mistakes. i do want to re tweak acyd a lot so theres not so much LOL IM INSANE KILLER!!111 I HAVE SO MANY PERSONALITY ANGER ISSUES HERG BLERG LET ME EAT SOME WAFFLEZZZ!@!2121 but holy shit you people get so offended by crappy characters. its really scary o.o i was young and stupid have mercy on my soul. 
i will color this its just a wip
my nose isnt weird by StrangeCanine
my nose isnt weird
when i was a kid i would get teased about how my nose looked, even got called "shark nose" once. pretty weird. my nose isnt that bad o.o so i guess that kind of popped up after a couple times of me drawing crooked with his strange nose and thinking wow we both have something in common.weird noses. amen! his fingers wonky but  i dont even care am so tired i havent slept well in a while and my medicine is all jacked up too bluh

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