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United States
I am 18
I have a cat that farts
I draw cool stuff
I recently found out I really love indie folk music...weird
I really hate jerk faces
But I absolutely love you nice creatures
Some of my favorite things include: Food, ponies, music, hanging out with my friends, and art and literature. Also nature is a big deal to me man. Save the trees.

My OCs include Crooked the bat, Marshall the gryphon, Duskstorm and Skullshine my ponies, and a lot more dudes. They are all pretty weird.

Thanks for visiting special flower.

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Morning War Application by StrangeCanine
Morning War Application

On the Application

Name: Mochni (MAAK-NIY ) 

Gender: Male

Age: Around 11 years of age.

Rank: Medic

Other: Mochni has 2 scars. One on the bridge of his nose, and the other at the base of his tummy. Mochni's nose is also slighty deformed, with a raised bump on it. You can only really see this from a side view.  Mochni has thick, long fur, and mats of fur have formed in multiple areas, giving his fur coat a shabby look.  

In the Description

Mate: None

Height: Tall

Personality:  Mochni is laid back, observant, and very intellectual. He does not like conflict, and will use means of intimidation or scare tactics rather than actually fight. Mochni has never been a good fighter, and is scared to death of physical fights and wars. He would much rather use strategy and tricks than tooth and claw blood battle. Mochni also does not get along well with anyone who is rude or snarky, and has a hard time with those who see themselves as 'superior' (he has a hard time with trusting authority figures for this reason, but if they earn his trust/ respect he is fine.) He hides his emotions, which can be an aid, but also a big downfall when trying to connect with others. Mochni is somewhat of an introvert, but loves helping the weak and injured.

Bio: When Mochni was young he watched his mother come down with an unknown illness. Being born into a small pack that traveled often, there wasn't much to do but learn, and observe, which was what Mochni discovered he loved. As Mochni got older, his mother got progressively worse, until she passed away, leaving him with foster parents who didnt really want to take care of him. Ever since then Mochni has dedicated himself to learning about medicines and cures. Mochni vowed he wouldn't let that happen to any other creature again, and has developed a passion for medicines. He has always been a clever pup, but he was never the courageous brave type, due to the abusive wolves in the pack that would often pick on him and snarl at him if he stepped out of his bounds. He got the scar on his belly from an angry elder wolf who hated pups, and wanted to put Mochni in his place. Mochni has had problems with authority type figures ever since. Mochni's father was a lone wolf who left the pack early on, so he doesn't know much about him. Mochni left the pack around age 6 and decided to truly commit his life to become a medic. Life was hectic, as he was surviving on his own, and he once stumbled into the angry home of a bear, hence the scar on his snout. He has wisened considerably since then, and is very witty. Although his size makes him intimidating, Mochni is a terrible fighter. He was never taught properly, and the best thing he could fight off would be a pup. Needless to say, he stays away from fighting and snarling. He decided that maybe this new pack will treat him properly, and that he can be of some sort of assistance. 

Dislikes: Mean spirited creatures, bears, dirt, diseases, large animals, loud noises, war, violence, and unjustices

Likes: Study of medicines, learning, creating, exploring, thinking, the night sky, water and swimming, running, feeling free, and playing jokes

Tribe: Chickasaw

Mentor/Apprentice: none at the moment

Eye Color: Jade / Very light pale green

Nose Color: Dark grey

Fur Color/s: Brown, copper, oranges, and blacks

Form 1

Species- Malamute 

Form 2

Armor Material: 
Rusted steel, old cables, leather ropes, and a rabbit fur pelt for the 'shoulder' piece. The bird like helmet is used to intimidate enemies.

Areas Covered in Armor: 
Head, ankles, back, and chest. 


Weak -|--------- Strong
Slow --------|-- Fast
Unintelligent --------|-- Intelligent
Cautious --|-------- Brave
Aggressive --------|-- Laid Back


Applications Base: WolfSpark01

Character: strangecanine

Bonnie by StrangeCanine
Bonnie in his human form! I picture him jamming out to grunge music and not giving a frick what people think of him. He has long luscious hair. 
I got tagged by :Raitasuki: !  Nice questions ;D

1. Favourite Animal?

 Either owls, wolves, lions, or bats. I love them all!!!

2. What is your hobby/hobbies if any?
Being an A plus couch potato

3. What colour are your eyes?
They are hazel, and shift color with lighting

4. Do you have any pets?
Yes I have a cat named Meeper and a dog named Paisley and another cat named Bonzai but the only one whos actually mine is the Meeper

5. What do you like to draw the most?
Kind of emotional/ abstract stuff but anything that I really like, and my furry people are fun too.

6. Do you like doing quizzes?
Yes especially the badly written facebook ones

7. What sexuality are you? o3o
Im extremely HOMOSEXUAL *rainbows shoot everywhere*

8. Would you like to be friends with me if not already?
Sure man, I like being friends with everyone :D

9. Do you like shipping?
Yes mwahahahha

10. If you said yes to above, which is your fav ship?
Rainbowjack / Appledash 

I tag these people: 


and any other peeps who feel interested in doing it XD 
Here are your questions:

1. Have you ever farted in public, loudly?

2. Would you punch someone if they stole your food?

3. What are your thoughts on bad grammar?

4. What grinds your gears?

5. Fave food to eat on friday?

6. Coolest christmas gift?

7. Massage or foot rub?

8. Stinky cheese or stinky B.O?

9. Do you draw for fun or for MONEYZ?

10. Favorite chip flavor?
  • Mood: Angsty
  • Listening to: John Mayer
  • Reading: the screen
  • Watching: the blinky cursor thing
  • Playing: CALL OF POOTER 2 modern gas fight
  • Eating: french fries
  • Drinking: tea <3

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